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This online library is probably one of the most recognized domains among students and students. This feature provides various books in digital format and can be accessed free of charge.

Not only books, students can also browse journals, novels, newspapers, dissertations and research papers in various formats from epub, mobi, and pdf. The available fields of knowledge also vary from politics, economics, literature, business, to education.

Open libraries
The open library is an online library owned by the california state library which has more than 10 million references and books that students can use. This site also has a feature where users can communicate directly with experts in various fields of science.

Indonesian online library

This free site is owned by the national library of indonesia

This library is very helpful for students Kuwait Phone Number List who are looking for references but don’t want to buy books with a larger number of reference books than offline libraries.

Students can create a membership for free to browse various scientific journals available for free download .

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Academia. Edu
Not only functioning as a library, this site also functions as a social network among academics, researchers or students. Founded in 2008, this site has more than 2 million users. This social network provides a place for users to share documents and research openly. This site is of course very useful for finding reference materials and sharing knowledge from various academics from all over the world.

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Indonesian publications index

This site is a mandatory site that is known by indonesian academics

Founded by indonesian scientists and researchers who are members of advance engineering and science. This site is also often referred to as ipi, this site is arguably the google of indonesian researchers. Here you can download all the available materials for free.

Wiley online libraries
This site presents a Europe Email variety of scientific, medical, technical, and educational publications. The wiley online library has more than six million articles, 18,000 online books, 1,500 journals and hundreds of free research references.

Google scholar
Difficult to find reference sources in google’s search tool? You should try google scholar or google scholar. This site, launched by google in 2004, is a search engine that provides a wide variety of academic search results.



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