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8 terrifying outdoor With the arrival of Halloween, advertising suddenly becomes the gigantic set of a horror movie. Halloween provides brands with a plethora of opportunities to display their creativity in its darkest aspects. A format especially suitable for campaigns born in the heat of Halloween is outdoor advertising , which through the phenomenal amalgamation of “storytelling” and high doses of impact entertains advertisers with unlimited (and terrifying) entertainment possibilities. Below we review some of the most outrageous outdoor advertising campaigns of recent years:

A Classic Horror Story

At night, when we walk alone down industry email list the street, we often have the feeling that someone is chasing us. What sounds like the terrifying opening scene of a ’90s horror movie was the phenomenal hook used by Netflix to promote last year’s horror film The Classic Horror Story . The central axis of the campaign in question was a digital installation through which the hooded and masked villain of the feature film walked. When a passerby dared to walk unnoticed next to the fence, the figure trapped in it would begin to pursue him. Furthermore, if the pedestrian stopped to look at the villain on the fence, he would look back at him (with the invaluable help of motion-capture technology).

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The Witcher Netflix

In December 2021, on the occasion Europe Email of the premiere of the second season of The Witcher , Netflix released one of the most fearsome monsters in the series starring Henry Cavill with the help of 3D digital installations: the “myriapod.” One of the most impressive installations was located in Bangkok (Thailand), where passers-by could observe how the “myriapod” jumped from building to building. The monster also spread terror from giant snowballs located in metropolises such as Milan, Moscow, New York, London and Berlin.

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