A Day Off to Disconnect

Unfortunately, we are sometimes confused about what activities are worth it but don’t drain our pockets as self rewards .

In fact, we often think whether self. Reward that is too frequent is really self-reward or has. It even become a feeling of impulsivity. For those of you who are confused, you. Can take the following example. Of self-rewards which are economical but still worth it.

This first recommendation is the easiest for students to do

After studying full in a week, energy and mind can be drained. By scheduling a day to disconnect, you can make yourself more relaxed and recharging too. You don’t need to bother calculating the budget to do this self reward .

You can set aside one day, for example saturday to free yourself from getting up late, free to relax or be lazy at home, and you can Singapore Phone Number List also do bonding or quality time with your family or even pets. Don’t forget to turn off notifications on your cellphone , so the shadows don’t ruin this day off .

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Forget about college matters and other problems for a moment by disconnecting from it so that your mind and body become more comfortable to rest.


With the current conditions that still require distance learning activities

Many students feel tired because they are constantly at home. This can add to the burden on the mind and stress too, you know ! As a self reward, you can occasionally go out around the house looking for fresh air to refresh your mind or to raise your mood too.

If your home environment is less Europe Email entertaining, you can go play with friends. You don’t need to go to a place that has the potential to drain your pocket, you can simply go to a friend’s house which is not far from home. That way, you can interact with people other than family while catching up with your friends.


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