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Google also uses the same way of thinking when indexing your site. Of your site are generally rank higher than individual landing pages that are not found through your navigation. Valuable link juice Link juice is also often us as a term. Link juice refers to the appreciation that is obtain through external links to your own site. That is. when a search engine robot arrives at your site via an external link. you get a page on which the robot arrives with link juice. This link juice also partially flows through internal links to other subpages. Of course. it is not worth trying to fit all pages into the main menu because of this. but there are other structures on the site where links to subpages can be add.

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For example. the site’s initial bar. or country email list footer and sidebar or sidebar. We must also think about other ways to acquire visitors. That’s why good content production should also include actions to activate people to share your own content on social mia. At least links on Facebook. Twitter. LinkIn. Pinterest and probably also on many other social mia platforms can be meaningful shares for your own activities. Also participate in social mia yourself A good way to share content is to participate in the social mia in question yourself and thereby share your own content with your own followers.

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country email list

When interpreting the relevance Europe Email of the content in relation to the search engine results offer. This should be done. for example. with good itorial links. i.e. links that direct the visitor from one content to another. This article has also referr to many important areas that have their own writing. Social mia shares Other company visibility on the internet also affects search engine rankings. for example the number of links shar on social mia channels can affect the search engine rankings of the site and its subpages. There are many very different opinions on this. but since the site is never develop only from. perspective of search engines.

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