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On October 27, the event ‘Towards a new efficient and sustainable distribution model’ took place. Organized by t2ótravel, which allowed for a debate about the challenges faced by such an important sector in Spain as the of tourism. Which includes hospitality, restaurant, transportation companies. Therefore, the event, led by Juan Barjau, founder of Travel Internet Consulting. Therefore, divided into several blocks of presentations and a round table in which sector experts shared their perspective from the point of view of their respective companies.

An era of contradictions

The first presentation of the event was top industry data given by Sergio Serna. Industry Manager Finance at Google. Therefore, who analyzed some of the dynamic changes in tourism consumption. The expert reflected that. After carrying out this analysis. Therefore, notable willingness on the part of tourists to want to travel today could be perceived. highlighting that ” since February. Tourist demand has exceeded pre-pandemic levels . ” However, it seems that tourists now put a special interest in searching for travel offers. In a context of greater economic uncertainty. Within the reflection. Sergio commented that the tourism sector is in an era of contradictions, summarizing this fact in.

top industry data

Phygitall experience to connect with the consumer

After the Google expert’s talk, it was Europe Email the turn of Fermín Carmona CEO & Founder of Hotelverse , a company that offers a unique reservation system. Allowing the customer to personalize their stay during the reservation process. Throughout the talk. Fermín emphasized the importance of new technological tools that allow tourists to be offered a higher quality experience when planning their vacations and making reservations. Among other aspects. Therefore,
the expert emphasized the importance of a commitment to a phygital experience. Through digital twins. Therefore, this revolutionary concept would give the user the possibility of designing their stay in a personalized way.

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