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The aupair indonesia german foundation (yaij) is a german language course institution that was established in 2006 and has grown rapidly to become a trusted training institution throughout indonesia. As a german language training institution, the german indonesian aupair foundation (yaij) has 3 excellent programs, namely the aupair program, the fsj program, and the ausbildung program to germany.

Aupair is a cultural exchange program for young people to learn german directly in germany. This program allows you to live with a german family for 1 year. Since late 2013, the yaij aupair program has had 31 batches.

Meanwhile fsj ( freiwilliges soziales jahr ) is a social work.

Program aimed at the younger generation

Who want to get to know the working environment, social life in germany and also improve german language skills. Since 2014, fsj yaij has had 17 batches.

While ausbildung is an education and  UK Phone Number List training program (professional training) in germany for 3 years. In its implementation, ausbildung program participants will learn theory as well as practice to hone work skills. Since 2017, yaij has had 8 batches for the ausbildung program.

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The german indonesian aupair foundation (yaij) itself has collaborated with 12 official aupair agents registered at the german embassy, ​​4 tragers for fsj, and 1 clinic which has 80 branches in germany.

On september 3, 2014 the german aupair indonesia foundation (yaij) officially has a legal entity which has been approved by the ministry of law and human rights (kemenkumham) with number.

Then in early 2020, the german aupair indonesia foundation

Further widened its steps by opening a work program as a nursing home nurse and nurse in a clinic in germany. Until now, there are 235 graduates of the german indonesian aupair foundation (yaij) who have departed for germany.

German indonesian aupair foundation Europe Email course program (yaij) and facilities
Yaij provides 3 excellent programs, namely the aupair program, the fsj program, and the ausbildung program to germany. Following are the details of the course program at yaij:

German indonesian aupair foundation (yaij) aupair program:
It is a cultural exchange/homestay program for 1 year in a german family. The main goal of the aupair program is to learn the language, culture and experience of living in germany.

For those of you who have the desire to experience living in germany but are constrained by living costs, the aupair program is the perfect opportunity.

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