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If you decide to choose installments as a solution for educational costs, you can start learning how to manage finances. Because within the specified timeframe, you have the responsibility to pay the installments. You can start looking for work, such as part time , freelance or internship so you can help your parents pay off the installments.

There are already many platforms that provide easy and transparent installment assistance, even online. Even so, you must understand exactly what platform you will choose before deciding. Some of the criteria for a good platform to apply for secure tuition installments are that it must be legal, comply with applicable laws in indonesia, be trusted with detailed information, also be supervised and receive a certificate directly from the ojk.

Education installment services in indonesia are no longer new to society

but it is still rare to focus on education and even work directly with educational institution partners.

The platform that can be an Indonesia Phone Number List option when you need help in the world of education such as college installments is danacita.

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Danacita is a financial and technology company founded in 2018 in indonesia which has helped many students reduce their education costs. The services provided by danacita are college installments and are already in more than 100 campuses throughout indonesia and have been officially supervised by the financial services authority. Danacita has also been equipped with a high-level security system certified to iso 27001. In addition, since august 2, 2021, it has also been given a permit number kep-68/d.05/2021 in the implementation of information technology-based borrowing and borrowing services.

The term offered by danacita ranges from no down payment or security deposit

Students don’t need to worry about interest problems, because danacita offers flat interest so it’s not a burden. The way to apply for installments is also easy, because virtually, you only need to create an account at www.

Danacita.Co.Id , then complete Europe Email your profile. And apply for financing. In addition, students can also. Apply for installments again for the. Following semester even though. There are still installments that must be completed.

In achieving your dream. Of achieving higher education, you don’t need to bother. Anymore because danacita is ready to help with education. Costs and has become an official partner. Of many well-known universities and. Other course institutions, so it is definitely safe and reliable.

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