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Therefore, Digital indonesia or also known as diguidid is a training. Platform that is intended to help you accelerate. The career and skills you want to develop. One of diguid.Id’s commitments is to be. A solution for people who have a growth mindset, from students, university. Students, fresh graduates, professionals. To entrepreneurs, to be able to improve the abilities. And skills needed in the world of work.

To support diguid.Id’s commitment, diguidId has collaborated with hundreds of mentors who have experience in their respective fields.

To be able to facilitate an in-depth and comprehensive learning process

The mentors who have collaborated with diguid.Id are experts who work in the biggest multinational companies and unicorn startups in  Switzerland Phone Number List ndonesia such as gojek, tokopedia, ruang guru, ovo, grab, bukalapak, shopee, blibli and many more.

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Reported directly from Advantages of Bootcamp the official website ofalready has 15.6k participants from all over  147 mentors who have Advantages of Bootcamp Guidedid  joined diguided and Bootcamp has 912 alumni classes and bootcamps in This proves the quality of diguided.Id as one of the best training platforms in indonesia.

Reported directly from the official guided website

Therefore, Here are the various advantages that you can get by following a guided bootcamp:

Learn with the best experts in various fields through guided collaboration with hundreds of the best mentors from various fields and companies in indonesia
Affordable class prices through official mentored collaboration and danacita. You can take part in a guided bootcamp by taking Europe Email advantage of the danacita installment program
An interactive and fun learning experience with the online live learning method and equipped with projects in the form of challenges to increase Advantages of Bootcamp understanding of class material
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Front-end web development
Therefore, Start your career as a front-end web Bootcamp developer in 4-5 months and enjoy learning to build a portfolio. Distributed work!

Back-end web development
Start your career as a back-end web Advantages of Bootcamp Guidedid developer. Months and enjoy learning to build a portfolio. Distributed work.


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