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These are contracts under which trainees are prepard for the profession without paying for the course in advance – they do it later from their salary after getting their dream job. A great example is Lambda School, which has raisd $122 million in funding from investors over the past 5 years. Bartholomew continues: This is the direction I am most interestd in.

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Income-sharing agreement – ​​a very popular trend in the US (rather illegal in Poland), ducation in the field of entrepreneurship, for database example through a course on creating a startup prototype as an opportunity to replace accelerators. Trends in dTech Another innovation of the dTech business model is combining training with platforms for freelancers. Bartholomew himself uses such a model.


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For several months, we have also been implementing online Rebelpolis internships, which we want to intensify during the holidays. We Europe Email use online to engage people in internships, and then we hire them for paid assignments. 4. AI-supportd hybrid courses are the future Dominik Olszewski, Co-founder of Teamsharq & Co-owner of Codementors: When entering this industry, it is worth considering the direction in which ducation will go.

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