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However, without an establishe plan to monitor the results of advertising campaigns, it will not be possible to prove that the ads are effective. You nee to have a list of advertising metrics – a kind of checklist – that are checke regularly so that you can adjust your campaigns as neee. GRP should be one of the important items on this list. We recommend Is a strategic brief really a necessity? What is the GRP indicator? An engaging advertising campaign is one thing. Only the GRP indicator, gross rating points, allows you to determine its intensity.

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GRP, also known as advertising penetration, measures the total number of contacts with an ad per one percent of the audience reache by the message. However, the definitions of GRP vary. The simplest of them says that the GRP consists of the Latest Mailing Database sum of individual ranges or the product of range and frequency. The name of the indicator includes the word rating , which defines, for example, the level of viewership of a programme. Without going into the terminology intricacies, the GRP indicator is the most important factor taken into account when planning an advertising campaign. It is also the most commonly use metric when comparing the intensity of different campaigns.

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Are your PR activities effective? Put yourself in the hands of experts and enjoy the results. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you How to calculate the GRP indicator? Generally, GRP can be calculate in two ways, but we always specify it in Europe Email points, not percentages. In summary, the measurement looks as follows. Let’s assume that 32% of the target group saw the first broadcast of the advertisement on television. The GRP is then 32 points. If the second broadcast is seen by another 32% of the target, then the GRP will be equal to the sum of both reach – GRP. GRP However, it’s important to remember that GRP doesn’t measure how many people actually saw your ad.

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