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Making. Book tips for those interest in responsibility While writing this blog, I have become familiar with many different materials relat to responsibility and marketing. If you are more interest in responsibility, I recommend the following books for the handset, the library’s reservation queue or your own bookshelf: Green guide (Antti Isokangas, Jani Niipola and Riku Vassinen) Sustainable marketing (Petteri Lillberg and Riku Mattila) Corporate responsibility 2.0 (Terhi Koipij√§rvi and Sari Kuvaja) Change the world on social mia (Inna-Pirjetta Lahti and Tuomo Meretniemi) Digital marketing (Niko Lahtinen, Kimmo Pulkka, Heikki

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Comprehensive tools for overall marketing and buyer persona work IRIS BEAK Iiris, who stays on the wave crest of Some, knits wool socks in the winter and digs the yard in b2b email list the summer, if she is not at work putting social mia campaigns in order. PEOPLE A whole life can fit into a working day – you are also allow to breathe during the working day SDM wants to invest in the well-being of employees. May has been designat as a break month but how does flexible working time increase the well-being of our experts? Read more

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b2b email list

About it May is a break which we emphasize that we. Employees are allow to breathe. Thats why we also decid to talk about what its like to work at Suomen Digimarkkintinn what it means in practice and how employee well-being is taken care of. Here social mia expert  Europe Email Katariina Auvinen shares our thoughts . When I was little my father lost his job. For years he had been drilling almost around the clock and giving his all to the work. At that time I thought that I last day at work where he had. Also push himself almost to the limit no

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