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Therefore, it is crucial for companies, through the human resources sector, to think about benefits to help their contractors minimize the damage. Benefits beyond salary make a company stand out The benefits branch grew a lot in 2022. This statement was confirme by data from the 2022 National Benefits Guide, carri out by Swile, in partnership with Leme. There, it became clear how 44% of the entities interview already offer this type of offer to their subordinates and 23% intend to adopt it in the future. However, to be successful in this implementation, some requirements must be observed with assertiveness, according to the entity: Review your strategy: it is essential to evaluate what is offer today and whether it really meets the needs. The way to deliver the best possibilities to employees is to adopt different categories for each location to choose according to their accuracy.

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Therefore, listen to your subordinates, in order to understand their preferences. “Developing this skill in the corporate environment can collaborate with mental health, consequently contributing to productivity, the organizational climate, reducing turnover and directing the company El Salvador WhatsApp Number List towards better results”, explains speech therapist Ingrid Gielow. Recent data, cited in the e-book “Corporate Benefits: insights, trends and legal certainty” by Swile, show how 63% of the economically active portion would leave their job for a position with more bonuses, even with an equal or lower income. Furthermore, 42% of resignations are motivate by the search for improvements in this sense. Evaluate market practice: for this stage, it is worth studying the practices carried out by other corporations as a way to stay ahead of the competition and maintain competitiveness.

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Plan the investment value: good financial planning and a detailed look at how much the establishment can invest in adopting flexible benefits will ensure a prior view on the cost-effectiveness of the mold. However, it is important to remember how the return on this investment is guarantee. Think of a different package: the expansion of Covid-19 has brought issues related to well-being, health and development Europe Email to the fore. When assembling the portfolio, bring differential going beyond the traditional, using it to attract and retain the best talent. Choose your supplier : evaluate the available options and weigh aspects related to quality, offer diversification, support and whether this partner meets legal requirements. : once inserted, it is essential to monitor the impact on the satisfaction rate and organizational climate.

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