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In ancient times.only poor families would eat rice porridge on the first day of the Lunar New Year. Therefore, there is a saying that eating dry rice on the first day of the Lunar. New Year means that the family will be rich for the whole year. Of course, it is a different story for those who are sick.


Avoid taking medicines

Taking medicines on the first day of Egypt Phone Number List the new year means that your health will be affected in the future. However, patients who need to take medicines for a long time are another matter.

Avoid waking people up

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On the first day of the new year  you

should get up on your own initiative and avoid being woken up or urged by others, because this means that you will be urged by others to do things in the following days.


11- Avoid saying unlucky words
During the Chinese New Year, it is also taboo to say unlucky words such as: poor, losing, death, illness, decline, etc., especially the elderly do not like to Algeria Phone Number List hear these. On the contrary, you should often say auspicious blessings to bring good luck.

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