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Meet some of them now E-commerce : concepts, implementation and management. By Nara Stefano and Izabel Cristina Zattar In this book, the authors reflect on the advantages and challenges of e-commerce and help the reader to master concepts. Strategies and tools which are part of this universe. of the technologies involve. In the area and to specialize more and more in the subject. Thus, it is possible to reflect on the advantages and challenges encountered and to better understand the functioning. Of the technologies involved in the activity. At the end of the reading, it will be noticeable the aspects which differentiate. The digital market from the traditional one and how to apply this knowledge in the practice of daily work. “Education for the Future”, by Renato Feder Access to education in Brazil has been a subject that has been widely discuss for many years.

All this, aiming to stay on top of the functioning

After all, the future of young people and children depends on a quality basic education, enabling them to face obstacles more easily and have greater prospects for their dreams. For Renato Feder, teacher, entrepreneur and manager, for a powerful and transformative basic education, it is necessary to do the essentials well and not be afraid to use technologies and innovations in your favor. In the author reveals the backstage of Finland WhatsApp Number List how the learning process in Paraná became a reference when he commanded the department in the state, in addition to teaching the 14 pillars to build an educational administration focused on results in any reality. “Sales + Operations in E-commerce: One eye on the fish and the other on the cat”, by Rodrigo Maruxo and Samuel Gonsales Written by Rodrigo Maruxo and Samuel Gonsales, the work reports several national cases and goes deeper into tactical detail.

WhatsApp Mobile Number List

Education for the future

It seeks to answer how to develop a business model that travels safely through digital transformation. How to balance sales strategies without losing sight of operational efficiency. Among other issues common to the executive agenda. The book compiles more than 40 years of experience of the authors. Developing business strategies in companies such as Mormaii, Netshoes, Amaro, Electrolux, Riachuelo Europe Email OQVestir and Suvinil. “Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being” by Michael Solomon. In its 11th edition, the book presents the best and most recent ideas about customer behavior. Accompanied by case studies and examples to show how this behavior goes far beyond the act of purchasing products. With a didactic, thought-provoking and richly illustrate text. The entire work has been update to follow the latest trends in the area, adding market modifications.

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