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One of the great challenges of working life in the 21st century, especially after the pandemic, is to be able to separate the professional from the personal. With the use of cell phones and the tireless contact with the Internet, an intern, young apprentice or permanent employee can work at any time, regardless of where they are. Although this insurgency has provided notable advances, such as the remote working hours, it also attributes some negatives. Among them, it is precisely the embarrassment of leaving the job to enjoy the social life and vice versa. Want to find out how to behave in the face of this adversity? Don’t be afraid to draw lines and delve into the content. Market renewal Although the coronavirus pandemic officially ended a few months ago, it is noticeable to note the remnants of economic traces and changes in interpersonal relationships.

The conquest of the remote by companies

Has once and for all broken down the barriers between them and their employees. To understand how people assess their well-being after the tightening of employment ties, the Ipsos Institute carried out a survey with 1,014 employees across the country. According to the entity, the intention of the Brazil WhatsApp Number List project is to understand the new moment of society after Covid-19. Right away, it is clear how everyday life outside the institutional one has taken up more and more space. According to the analysis, just over a third of respondents (34%) report dissatisfaction with sleep, a quarter (25%) are unhappy with food, willingness and energy to perform daily tasks, while 20% are upset precisely with the balance between the intimate and occupational, and 21% with the low ability to concentrate.

WhatsApp Mobile Number List

Finding the balance for this long-awaited

Resumption will be one of the biggest challenges for managers and HR in the first post-pandemic moment”, points out the head of Latam solutions at HP, Pierre Rodriguez. Barriers for the worker From the data presented, it is clear how, in fact, each of the concerns are direct reflections of the scrambled intersection of the expedient with the private. See the following items: Eating: this is more of an immediate reaction Europe Email to the stress caused by the disorder already covered. Food is often an escape valve for situations of adversity and disarray. Because of this, disturbances about it reveal a misalignment in an individual’s daily life. Those who have a messed up week will hardly be able to find space to establish an ideal nutrition routine. With that in mind, give up the frantic chain of tasks.

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