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Are you tired of feeling invisible? To see that opportunities arise for others but never for you? If this is your case, today I am going to talk to you about the book Put Your Talent into Action , which will help you stop putting your dreams in the hands of others, and start creating your own path with your Talent. If you know me and follow my blog, you know that I’m not much of a book recommender. And NO, because I don’t like to recommend something that I have read, but because I believe that there are so many books.

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The end they all repeat themselves in many things, and for that reason. I believe that it is oneself who has to look for the author that best suits oneself. identifies company data with us, either by the way he writes or by his way of being… But today, I want to recommend a book about an author that I know very well and I know how she gets involved in her work (gives her best) to offer something very professional and useful. And since in my blog I talk a lot about Personal Branding and I firmly believe that it is a very powerful strategy within Digital Marketing for any professional, I think that this book could be very useful for your personal and professional branding project.

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Professional specialized in talent and skills training in the business field. She is a lecturer and trainer at business schools where she helps. People boost their professional Europe Email development individually and in groups. She is very good at creating strategies to identify her clients’ talent. Improve it, put it into action and give it visibility, to achieve the results expected by each person. I have seen in front of me great professionals. Who expressed the uncertainty caused by not knowing what their. Talent was, exhausted from walking aimlessly and with the feeling. That their most valuable professional opportunities were passing before them because “others” could not see them.

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