Best Private Universities in Bali With Affordable Installment Programs

When you hear the word “bali”, you will immediately remember the beautiful tourist spots like heaven on earth, right? Bali is one of the provinces in indonesia, which has the capital city of denpasar.

Tuition fees per semester at this campus also vary widely, starting from idr 1,000,000. You can also pay up to 3 times the dpp payment in installments. For longer term installments, you can repay via danacita, which is a fintech platform that helps ease student payments.

Alfa prima is a private university in bali which was established

Under the name alfa prima computer. Thanks to the management synergy between primagama group and alpha media denpasar. In 2010 the ownership of alfa prima was acquired by bali soket group.

Alfa prima is one of the best private Slovenia Phone Number List universities in bali (diploma). In addition, this campus also has departments that are in demand in the world of work. There are 7 study programs, namely.

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Until now alfa prima has 3 branches located in denpasar, singaraja and karangasem. To register at one of these private universities in bali, you can directly access it at https://alfaprima.Id and click registration. Apart from being able to repay tuition fees, there is also an attractive offer for those of you who take part in registration for batch 1 period (january 2022-30 april 2022), namely, a dpp discount of 25% for academic achievers, 15% for non-academic achievers, 10% for active students organize, and 15% for those who have an indonesia smart card.

College of informatics and computer management under the auspices of the primakara foundation

This is also one . In 2020 it was ranked in the 170th best ranking of the indonesian ministry of education out of more than 5000 ptn and pts Europe Email in indonesia. This makes primakara the best it campus in bali and nusa tenggara, as well as the top 5 best private campuses in bali.

Stmik primakara is managed directly by people who are involved and experts in the world of computers. So this campus is suitable for those of you who are really interested in finding a private university in bali and want to work in the it field. Being one of the ideal campuses because it provides complete facilities, such as a music studio, multimedia studio, business incubator, creative space, wifi, not forgetting programming, data and language labs.




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