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For some time now, salary has not been the only deciding factor for people to stay or accept a new position. With several changes in habits, commitments and priorities in recent years, workers have been looking for positions with a balance between work and personal life, in addition to other types of advantages given by leaders. This issue affects the lives of interns, apprentices and professionals in general. In this sense, keeping abreast of this new mindset about the population is essential to attract the attention of the best candidates. Do it now! Worker mentality has changed A survey by the Ipsos Institute showed how 61% of people seek well-being at work, especially in the form of mental and physical health care or Burnout prevention , making it clear how things have changed.

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Therefore, it is important to be aware of these transformations in order to offer the most attractive benefits to a new generation of employees”, comments Jéssica Silva, a psychologist at 3778. This movement by organizations reflects a change in society’s behavior, which increasingly values ​​flexibility and diversity, something very latent after the pandemic. So some spots tend to be more popular for a variety of reasons. Know more Egypt WhatsApp Number List about them: Mental health care: a survey carried out among 3778 clients pointed out that 78% of medical leaves in 2021 and 2022 were due to psychological disorders. Unfortunately, busyness can be a source of stress, anxiety, and other conditions. Therefore, many individuals pay attention to this issue. “This concern is an already consolidated flag of this century. Therefore, creating policies and strategies to take care of employees has become a prerequisite in many cases.

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Promoting physical activities and meditation, offering psychological support, promoting a healthy environment and periodic training programs are some examples”, explains Jéssica. Free time: the search for balance between home and office is on the rise and is a great challenge. Today, much is said about the four-day week, a model which provides more periods to dedicate to oneself. Microsoft tested this model for five Europe Email weeks and saw a 40% increase in productivity, greater employee satisfaction, and a reduction in various costs. “This type of strategy can be one of the solutions for employees not to feel that they are dedicating all their time to work”, comments the specialist. and lack of money causes significant stress and directly impacts income. in partnership with Opinion Box, 86% of people with debt reported sleeping difficulties, 74% faced challenges in concentrating.

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