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Advertising you Influencer marketing influencer marketing means commercial cooperation.  on visibility (and its price) with. For example. A social mia influencer or a public figure. Acting as an advertising face is not necessarily digital advertising in itself. But influencer collaborations are often concret in digital mia: facebook or online videos. Good examples are. For example. Instagram’s commercial collaborations. Where an influencer from a widely follow account tells about the features of a new product. For example. Or evaluations made by popular youtubers or getting to know the advertiser’s services or products.

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Advertising you Interactivity on facebook. Audience country email list activity in picking up current topics on twitter. And a combination of music. on tiktok. What are the best aspects of social mia advertising? Versatility – the possibilities are already almost unlimit and new services are constantly being creat. Targetability and large number of users. What are the challenges of social mia advertising? In the case of social mia advertising. Versatility is both a strength and a weakness: standing out on the channels and attracting the user’s attention can be difficult – the advertiser must find his own perspective and a way to be present on the channels he chooses.

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For example. Iab’s trend reports . Finns Europe Email spend more and more time on social mia. And advertising is perceiv as a normal part of social mia content. Some advertising is cost-effective at best. And well-manag social mia channels also strengthen the connection between the company and its customers. What is social mia advertising best suit for? Some advertising is suitable for practically every single company whose customer base uses some social mia channel. For example. Facebook is already us by almost every finnish adult. The most important thing is that the company is consistent in its advertising messages and uses the strengths of the channel it has chosen for  : visuality on instagram.

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