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Alterra academy provides 3 programs that you can choose to be able to work in the it field by having the skills needed by the industry. Following are the details of the 3 programs that you can choose at alterra academy:

Immersive program
The alterra academy immersive program is an intensive. Online bootcamp for those of you who want to deepen their. Knowledge and skills in the it field and can be attended by. Everyone, whether they have an it or non-it background. In this immersive alterra academy academy program. You will be assisted to transform into professionals. Who have skills in the fields of front-end engineers. Back-end engineers and quality engineers in just 9 weeks.

At the alterra academy academy immersive program, there are 3 programs available for immersive at alterra academy, namely:

Front-end engineering

This program is designed for those of you who have dreams

of becoming a high-quality front-end engineer. Therefore, You will learn how to make a website that is responsive but also beautiful.

Back-end engineering
Want to become a database architecture? This Malta Phone Number List program is suitable for you. You will learn the golang language, which is a programming language that is in high demand and is loved by many developers in the world.

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Quality assurance engineering
Therefore,  This program is designed for those of you who want to become quality assurance. which ensures that the applications or products you make are of good quality and can function optimally when used by users.

Therefore, If you are interested in taking part in the advance career program at alterra academy, you can immediately enroll in the back-end class (21 february 2022) , front-end class (21 february 2022) and quality assurance class (21 february 2022)

The advance career program is a suitable career acceleration program

Therefore,  If you have at least 1 year of work experience in the it field. Want to pass the coding test and job recruitment process and who want to increase your income and skills.

There are 2 programs for Europe Email advanced careers available at alterra academy, namely:

Back-end engineer class
Front-end engineer class
Alterra academy’s advance career program has various advantages such as;

Therefore,  Classes are held online after working hours
Have an updated curriculum according to industry needs,
Therefore, Support from the alterra academy team is guaranteed. So you can get a job offer within 3 months or less after graduation.

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