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Have you ever thought, is it time to try new things like career shifting to become a data scientist? Of course this usually arises when we want to learn new things which of course will open up future career opportunities.

Career shifting or career switch is a common occurrence.

You must be thinking why should career shifting to data science

Did you know that data science is one of the sexiest jobs in the 21st century according to the harvard business review. In Israel Phone Number List addition, based on glassdoor, the largest job search site in the united states, data science is the best and most needed job today. Glassdoor uses 3 criteria in the assessment, namely the number of vacancies, career opportunities, and average salary.

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This trend is also happening in our country indonesia. Reporting from tech in asia indonesia, there were 209 job vacancies in data science in 2018 alone. Meanwhile on the kalibrr job search platform, in 2018 there were 2,471 vacancies for the data analyst keyword and 1,535 vacancies for the data scientist keyword in indonesia and singapore.

This shows that there is a high demand from various companies for data science experts.

Data scientists are often asked for opinions by company officials

In determining a business strategy. With very large data sets and the ability to properly process data with the right methods, we can provide useful information and make guidelines for further data-based decision making.

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How to become a data scientist?
Becoming a data scientist, of course, is not Europe Email an easy thing. Apart from the commitment to keep learning and following technology trends, you also have to understand 3 important pillars so that you can become a reliable data scientist. So, here are the 3 important pillars

Mathematics and statistics

Data science requires math knowledge, because you have to be able to process data quantitatively.

Business problems can sometimes be solved with basic mathematics and analytics, but to create them requires an in-depth understanding of mathematics.


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