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When you will or have completed high school education, you will start looking for universities that can equip you to take part in the global competition that we are increasingly experiencing. So, did you know that now you can combine your higher education with entrepreneurial practice?

This time, danacita, would like to introduce you to ciputra university (uc) which are located in surabaya and makassar, starting from pmb to ciputra university costs.

About ciputra university
Before discussing pmb to ciputra university fees, we will briefly explain this campus first. Ciputra university or also known as uc is a private university in indonesia that promotes entrepreneurial practices in education.

According to the official website, ciputra university is committed

To equipping every student with Jamaica Phone Number List entrepreneurial skills according to their respective areas of expertise.

This commitment is realized by ciputra university by providing equally for each department and.

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concentration on the importance of entrepreneurship practice starting from the beginning of lectures until graduating from college. This is intended to equip students to face global competition and to be able to think ways that have elements of creativity and innovation to be able to see market needs and be able to make decisions that are calculated at risk.


Information that is no less important before discussing pmb and ciputra

Selection of tertiary institutions has a very important role in opening up opportunities in the future. So, here is information about registration procedures to be able to take part in the ciputra university new student admissions (pmb) process which you can use as a reference if you have made ciputra university your choice for higher education:

Fill out the registration form according to the instructions, fill in the data that must be filled in according to the original data, if later it is found Europe Email that something is not appropriate in filling out the file (according to applicable regulations), then the prospective student can be automatically disqualified and canceled
Follow the pmb test series according to the selected program
For prospective students from international high school, homeschooling or if the school does not provide a national diploma, it is mandatory to submit a package c graduation certificate or include a diploma when registering
Ciputra surabaya university registration vouchers can only be used to register at ciputra surabaya university
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As for the flow of registration, ciputra university provides 3 choices, namely

Regular line

Coming from a cooperative school with an average grade xi report card <70
Comes from a non-collaboration school
Collaborative school pathway

Class xii students and alumni from cooperative schools
The average value of class xi report cards is more or equal to 70
Achievement invitation path

Valid for selected cooperation schools. For further information, please contact [email protected]
For other information, you can read in full through the ciputra university surabaya guidebook for new student admissions.

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