Combate and Vx Excite as They Celebrate the Channel’s Narrators on Father’s Day

The Combate channel and VX Comunicação collect memorable cases and, on this Father’s Day, they teamed up for one more of them. The special action brought together the family and historical narrations of the channel’s narrators’ careers for an unforgettable tribute. the brainstorm According to Guilherme Souza, Social Media Supervisor at Combate, at the end of June, the account creation, social media and art direction teams met to exchange ideas on possible actions. Thinking about the narrators’ role in transmitting emotion during the fights, the teams decided to carry out a “role reversal” in the homage, having the narrators’ relatives narrate a remarkable narration of each one, surprising the channel’s professionals.

The end result was exciting and authentic

The objective was to create a memorable action for Father’s Day that would reflect. The importance of narrators in the world of fights and transmit a message of affection and recognition. A meticulous and personalize execution with a lot of dedication and care, and the surprise. Set for the week of the commemorative date, from August 11th to 13th. The strategy was to surprise the narrators chosen for the action Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List share this surprise with the audience. VX was responsible for getting in touch with the families. Developing scripts for the narrations and organizing the dynamics of the contents. Together with Combate’s team, responsible for events, we decide that the videos would be release on the channel’s social networks on Sunday, August 13th. The surprise for Rhoodes Lima was shown live on.

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The action planning was done

Video editing was hand by Daniel Chevrand, VX’s creative coordinator. Want help putting our tips into practice? Talk to us More than results, exciting memories! The dads were knock out by the emotion of listening to the best transmission. Team reproducing narrations that marked the history of the fight and their careers. The action aired on Saturday night, with Maria Júlia, daughter of Rhoodes, showing Europe Email that narration is a family gift. She simulated her father’s unforgettable voiceover, narrating the emotional moment when Hebert Conceiçao won gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. A voiceover team that deserves GOLD! Luiz Prota, Bernardo Edler and Luciano Andrade also receive tributes in. The form of narrations by their respective families and extremely move and grateful for the affection.

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