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After graduating from the undergraduate program at the unhas faculty of law. Siva rezsya decided to be able to immediately continue her education to a higher level. Currently siva rezsya or who is also familiarly called siva is registered as a masters program student at the faculty of law unhas class of 2021. The faculty of law, hasanuddin university (fh unhas) is one of the oldest faculties at hasanuddin university (unhas).

Siva’s decision to immediately continue his education to the master’s degree program after graduating from the bachelor’s degree program.

Was to realize his future aspirations of becoming a lecturer

Even though he continued his education from bachelor’s degree. To master’s degree, siva realized that there was. A difference because Colombia Phone Number List the lecture process had to be carried out .Online . Even though currently the lecture process is carried out. Online , siva does not feel any obstacles in being. Able to understand the material provided by the teaching lecturers.

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As someone who was born and raised in makassar, siva has never had the experience of being an overseas child. But siva still feels very lucky to be able to study at the faculty of law unhas. This is because according to siva, the teaching lecturers at the faculty of law unhas not only teach in terms of academic knowledge but also share life experiences which will be very useful for these future aspirations.

Of course siva’s decision to continue the master’s degree program at the faculty of law

Unhas was based on the experience and knowledge he had gained while attending the bachelor’s degree program. Apart from his enjoyable Europe Email learning experience while studying at the unhas fh bachelor program which was very enjoyable, siva is also well acquainted with the competence and quality of teaching lecturers and staff at unhas fh.

Before realizing her dream of becoming a lecturer, siva wished to have work experience in companies while continuing her masters degree at the unhas faculty of law. Apart from being a lecturer, siva also wants to be able to take the cpns test at the prosecutor’s office.


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