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It can also help you identify influencers on the up that may align with your brand that you could use in activities or campaigns. Facebook Like other networks, Facebook has groups and communities that brands can tap into to see what customers are saying and start conversations. This could be to discover more about your customers, create brand awareness, or simply drive engagement. As a platform, Facebook has embrace AI due in part to its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, and his metaverse.

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In 2024, users and marketers will become more adept at using AI content creation tools and AI technology for A/B testing, so it’s worth keeping an eye on developments  new database to see how you can leverage it to boost paid campaigns or optimize customer service. TikTok TikTok has gaine users quickly since its inception and passionate ones at that. The platform is awash with great content creators and influencers to tap into for inspiration and insights. You can use TikTok to keep up to spee by: Using the ‘Discover’ page Following relevant influencers Filtering searches Tracking and following trending and relevant hashtags.

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Become a world class digital marketer 4) Google Alerts & Trends For any marketer, Google Alerts is an invaluable free tool to stay on top of the news and industry  Europe Email announcements. It allows you to monitor the web and notifies you through email when a new result matching your search query appears Set up some Google alerts built around relevant keywords and phrases. You can also create alerts for influencers, industry leaders, and competitors.


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