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Believe it or not, the creative team is one of the most important parts when creating a company’s identity, documents and website. This is because the creative team will be in charge of collecting all the ideas and values ​​of the brand to land them on something concrete. To guarantee the best results, it is very important that you take into account who will be in charge of starting this process. You can always do it yourself, although it is advisable to do it with experts who know about design and brand creation .

Your business as a company

You should know that the company’s line of business is another key to take into account. Therefore, when creating the visual identity of your brand. If you sell food, then your brand identity should match the food. Analyze how brands currently look: food companies have one style . Therefore, technology top people data companies another, funeral companies, banks, etc. They all have their own styles. This way you can check how the business of a company influences the colors it will choose, the typography, the personality, among other points.

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The competition

Although this should not be the main factor when designing your company’s image or visual identity, it should be taken into account. And the competition can dictate the line that the industry or segment follows. Therefore, especially if it is the dominant one. Just look at how MasterCard Europe Email opted for minimalism. Therefore, so that a chain of banking and financial companies opted for this type of design. So, knowing how the line is being dictated by the industry leader is a plus point to observe.

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