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Tasya first got to know danacita through the unisba accounting. Student association (himasi) when tasya experienced .Problems paying tuition fees at unisba. Danacita and unisba. Themselves have officially collaborated. To provide more affordable educational financing solutions. Through a bailout program for prospective. Students and active students at unisba. According to tasya, through this collaboration it proves unisba’s trust in danacita as a solution for bailouts for tuition fees.

After being introduced by himasi unisba, tasya finally started looking for information about the danacita bailout program and found out that making an application at danacita did not require a dp or security deposit of any kind. This of course provides a solution for financing tuition fees at unisba that does not burden himself and his parents.

But before finally deciding to apply to danacita

Tasya had time to look for other solutions besides danacita. And after doing another comparison, tasya was even more convinced to Cyprus Phone Number List apply to danacita because the requirements were easier compared to other solutions.

“danacita has really become a solution for financing my education costs. I myself have used the danacita bailout program up to 3x.

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After becoming increasingly convinced of danacita as the official bailout partner at unisba, tasya finally decided to apply to danacita. Tasya again gave her appreciation to the danacita team because it has become a trusted bailout solution so that they can continue their education at unisba without having to worry about financial problems.

During the submission process at danacita

Tasya didn’t feel any problems. This is because the submission process is carried. Out 100% online and quickly with easy-to-obtain requirements. And the Europe Email danacita team is ready to help. In addition, danacita’s. Status, which has been licensed and supervised. By the financial services authority (ojk), further provides. A sense of security in making submissions at danaita.

According to tasya, another advantage of applying at danacita is the wide variety of bailout program options ranging from 6 months to 12 months for active students.

Apart from her lecture activities, tasya also joined the sahabat danacita program.

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