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A statement of willingness to comply with the regulations in force at padjadjaran university which has been signed on a stamp duty of rp.10,000 (format can be downloaded)
Photo files in jpg or pdf format with a maximum size of 1mb, with a white background and wearing a shirt with a dark blazer
*for complete information, you can visit the official fkg unpad website here

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Danacita: solution for payment of tuition fees at new student admissions (pmb) faculty of dentistry (fkg) unpad
Danacita is a financial technology company, which aims to expand access to education in indonesia.

By providing a financing platform in stages for students and professionals

Danacita and fkg unpad have collaborated to provide affordable education financing solutions for fkg unpad students to finance their studies.

The collaboration held by danacita and fkg unpad is to hold a monthly installment program with installment periods ranging from 6 months to 12 months for prospective students at the fkg unpad new student admissions (pmb) specifically for Sri Lanka Phone Number List the independent program and the adaptation program . So, if you are a prospective new student who doesn’t take part in an independent program and an adaptation program or you are an active student, the installment program that you can choose from is from 6 months to 12 months, you know .

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By participating in this program, prospective fkg unpad students can pay tuition fees per semester in monthly installments according to the duration chosen by the student.

This installment program can be used by all prospective students and active fkg unpad students

The following is a financing simulation through danacita for new students at fkg unpad:

Danacita installment simulation for new Europe Email undergraduate students of the faculty of dentistry unpad 2023
(snbt track and achievement track)

fees 6 month installments from students to danacita* 12 month installments from students to danacita*
S1 test value line idr 205,000,000 idr 38,471,000 per month idr 21,183,000 per month
Danacita installment simulation for new students of the faculty of dentistry unpad 2023
(professional program)

Specialist program (adaptation)


Monthly installments include platform fee (monthly platform fee and 3% application fee

d with danacita
So , now being able to study at fkg unpad is no longer just a dream because danacita is here to provide smart solutions for financing your education at fkg unpad. Come on, make your studies at fkg unpad even more affordable with the many advantages that danacita provides.

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