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On december 14 2021, danacita had the. Opportunity to visit the president university. Campus located at jababeka education park, cikarang as one. Of the steps to strengthen the collaboration that has existed. The form of collaboration between danacita and. President university that has been established is by presenting. Affordable educational financing solutions for prospective students. And active students at president university.

During this visit, danacita met with representatives. From president university with an agenda to conduct an annual. Partnership review of existing collaborations, as well as. Socialization regarding the multi semester. Installment program and the integration of danacitapay features.

Since the official collaboration between danacita

President university was established, there have been more than 2,300 students at president university who have created Ghana Phone Number List accounts at danacita. And in 2021, danacita has become a trusted choice of tuition financing solution for president university students by disbursing more than idr 2.8 billion which danacita distributes directly to president university.

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 Phone Number List

To enhance the collaboration that has been established and provide ease of application for prospective students and active students at president university, danacita has the opportunity to socialize a multi-semester collaboration installment financing program that allows prospective students and active students at president university to be able to finance tuition fees for 4 semesters at once. In just one submission at danacita.

This multi-semester installment program aims to provide practical

Solutions for prospective students and active students at president university to be able to study comfortably at president university Europe Email without having to be burdened by tuition fees.

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It is hoped that through this visit, the collaboration between danacita and president university will be able to help even more prospective students who wish to study at president university as well as active students so as not to make cost an obstacle to achieving a future with president university.

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