Definition and real examples of subliminal advertising

Subliminal advertising is perhaps the most subtle way to promote a product or brand and leave an impression on the consumer. That is why it is very common to hear about it among marketing and sales departments. Next, we will define what subliminal advertising is exactly and give some examples that will help us understand it better. In general, it can be said that subliminal advertising is. Definition and advertising that contains messages that target a person’s subconscious. Whether using shapes, words or colors, the objective is to get the consumer to associate what they are seeing with a brand or product. In other words, it is a type of advertising that sneaks below.

The threshold of

Awareness and significantly influences the consumer’s desire to purchase. He is barely aware of it. It should be noted that advertising with subliminal messages Betting Email List can be very effective only if it is designed correctly and ingeniously. Regarding this, some studies indicate that it only works on products that the public already knows. Finally, it should be noted that it is applicable to brands of any nature and size. Also for promotions in formats such as social media or larger formats such as television. Burger King is one of the best-known fast food brands. And not long ago he decided to create a campaign that would demonstrate that, despite being fast food, they did not sell junk food. As it did? In the advertisement you can see the image of one of its most popular hamburgers, the Whopper, which is decomposing over time.

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As time progresses, the image shows how all the ingredients spoil and mold begins to appear. With this unattractive image, he wanted to show that his burgers only Europe Email include organic ingredients and no preservatives. And, therefore, when time passes it breaks down. Clever or not? The truth is that despite showing an unpleasant sequence, it was quite successful. As you can see, subliminal advertising is creative and when well designed it is quite profitable. It can even be used to cross-sell . The Amazon logo itself is an example of subliminal advertising. Your image conveys happiness and tells the customer that they can find everything they need, from a to z. If you look closely you will find a drawn smile that expresses this feeling and points to the two letters mentioned.

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