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So, those are the 8 study programs in the engineering faculty at the university. Apart from the engineering faculty, this campus also has a faculty of economics, management study program, faculty of agricultural industrial technology.

This campus is also a champion in the field of facilities, has an extensive library, workshops, studios, simulation center, multimedia room, mosque, language institute, lab. Basic and scientific.

The main campus at the indonesian institute of technology (iti) is located on jl. Raya puspitek, serpong, tangerang, banten 115320.

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Apart from being one of the best engineering campuses and having good facilities

This campus also has advantages on the other hand.

Iti is one of the best tertiary institutions Dominican Republic Phone Number List and has the highest score for higher education clustering in the lldikti region iii, then ranks 2nd in private universities in the lldikti iii region, and now the indonesian institute of technology (iti) is the arboretum area.

This campus also has several scholarship programs. The following is complete information for those of you who want to apply to the college.

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Details of tuition fees at the indonesian institute of technology (iti)
For those of you who are interested and want to continue studying at the indonesian institute of technology (iti), here is an estimate of the costs that you will incur:

Detail of new student fees past learning recognition pathway (rpl)
Regular lecturesBanner-blog-leads-generation
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How to register at the indonesian institute of technology (iti)

In registering to enter this campus, you can go through the regular route or the scholarship route. You can access the official website of the indonesian institute of technology (iti) https://iti.Ac.Id .

Prospective new regular students are required to take an entrance test via online, after being declared passed, prospective new students can immediately re-register on their respective registration account pages.

The indonesian institute of technology (iti) also Europe Email provides scholarship facilities for prospective students.

There are several scholarships offered, such as:

For more complete information, you can directly contact the university via e-mail: [email protected] or telephone: 021-7561102.

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The collaboration between danacita and the indonesian institute of technology (iti) includes providing an installment program for prospective new students and active students of the indonesian institute of technology (iti). By participating in this installment program, prospective students and active students at the indonesian institute of technology (iti) can pay their tuition fees in stages.

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