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Here’s What To Do (Even Though Sprint Is Now T-Mobile)
Gone are the days of the bright yellow Sprint stores! Since April 2020, Sprint has merged with T-Mobile to create a larger and (supposedly) better Did You Lose mobile network. This change might leave some former Sprint users confused, especially about their phone numbers.

Here’s the good news:

If you were a Sprint customer, there’s a good chance Users who have used you can still keep your phone number. It’s now on the T-Mobile network, but the number itself likely hasn’t changed.

So, how do you find your old Sprint phone number (now on T-Mobile)?

Check Your Bills: Sprint (now T-Mobile) most likely sends you monthly bills electronically or through the mail. Look for your phone number on your most recent bill. It should be clearly listed under your account details.

Online Account: If you haven’t switched over

to a T-Mobile account yet, you can likely still access your old Sprint online account. Log in and see if your phone number is displayed there.

Contact T-Mobile: If you’re having

trouble finding your number online or via old bills, the best course of action is to contact T-Mobile directly. They can verify your identity and provide you with your current phone number. Here are the ways to reach T-Mobile:

to speak with a customer service representative

Users who have used

Online Chat: You can chat with a T-Mobile representative online through their website
Important Note: If you haven’t used your Sprint phone Ource ahrefs what you in a while, it’s possible your number might have been deactivated and reassigned to someone else. In this case, contacting T-Mobile will be even more important to see if they can help you acquire a new number.

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By following these steps, you should be able to locate your old Sprint phone number, even though it’s now part of the T-Mobile network.

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