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Digital agriculture: the turning point of agri-food business. Local digital marketing to support agricultural companies the link between.  Digital agriculture and new technologies is the new reality! Innovation. In fact. Is the key to those companies that today want.  To be competitive and want to withstand fierce competition! There is a lot of talk about agriculture 4.0 regarding company organization or production. Constantly improve by new hardware and software. Which has a positive impact on the production chain. In this article. However. We will talk about agriculture. Digital marketing and the tools available to the agri-food market.

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Digital agriculture is a very interesting and rapidly growing market. Which produces 100 million euros a year and which corresponds to 2.5% of the world market . Which digital tools should you recommend to an agricultural latest database entrepreneur? As always there is no certain answer. The same for everyone. You should know the type of business to which digital marketing should be applie. The audience to reach and the digital platforms most frequente by digital farmers or simple enthusiasts of food and healthy products. In general. However. We can recommend some tools to an agricultural entrepreneur such as the website. E-commerce .

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A digital farmer must follow his own website

The google my business page or social meia such as facebook. Instagram. Linkein and youtube. Website to sell and inform the website is the most important platform for digital marketing and for switching Europe Email to digital agriculture: it is also a platform suitable for all types of companies. Small. Meium or large. Whether they are producers or retailers of agricultural products. We create most of the sites with wordpress . An open source platform. Which we recommend for the quality of the product and ease of management. The site is a very useful digital marketing tool in giving visibility to a new brand entering the market or in increasing the awareness of a brand that has been present on the market for some time.

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