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Digital marketing strategies for small shops business. Local. Territory it’s time to innovate small businesses with digital. The reality of our sardinia and many . Other regions of italy is made up of small shops and many small itinerant businesses. Alongside small traders who sell in cities or towns. There are many other traders who. Without a fixe shop. Move from city to city or from country to country every week and on pre-establishe days to sell their goods. All these small entrepreneurs. Have been penalize by the crisis and the changes of the last 20 years: globalization. Liberalization. The large sales giants and e -commerce have revolutionize the sales sector! We are on the side of these small businesses.

Which social media to choose?

Which sell excellent products and should therefore be encourage and helpe. But we also think that these small shops nee a breath of innovation and modernity ! Which digital marketing tools should you recommend for a small shop? For small sales outlets. Which have their headquarters new database in the city or town. We recommend the website and social channels: we talke about them in last week’s article . Taking the agricultural sector as a reference. This time. However. We want to focus on small street vendors. Who have different nees. Linke to the type of itinerant activity they carry out. We recommend that they invest in . Social meia marketing and open a social company page on which they can also carry out social advertising . I.E. Advertising on social meia!

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Communicate your brand values on social media

Which social meia to choose? Facebook certainly lends itself to this type of activity. Because it is a very versatile platform. Which a street vendor Europe Email could use to: give information . Relating to your activity (the days on which you will be present in country give news about their products information on promotions. Discounts. New arrivals or new availability of goods run flash promotions on inventories. Latest products. Expiring products. These promotions can be different depending on the season. The country. The type of customers. Let customers make online reservations.  Directly on the facebook page : just share a photo of one or more products and launch a sales proposal! Make home deliveries.

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