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Therefore, With a digital signature, you no longer. Need to manually print, scan, send and wait for confirmation which requires a lot of money and time.

Especially if the signing of the document. Is done face to face, then the additional costs can’t be predicted and avoided.

Through digital signatures, you don’t need to worry because signing documents can be done digitally without having to face to face.

The validity and legality of a digital signature in indonesia

Therefore, Certainly has a legal umbrella regulated by the government of indonesia through laws and government regulations.

Laws and government Malaysia Phone Number List regulations explain. That a digital signature can serve as proof. Of verification and authentication of a person’s identity. Digitally and regulates the organizers who. Can issue a digital certificate for your digital signature.

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Quoting via media indonesia , a digital certificate is an identification. Of a person or entity through a file on a network on the internet. And is used as the basis for carrying out digital signatures.

With digital signatures regulated by the indonesian government. Digital signatures can be used to indicate an agreement. Or approval from the owner of the digital signature. For digital documents that have been signed.

This makes digital signatures have legal force and legal

Therefore, Consequences like conventional signatures as regulated by the government of indonesia.

3. Digital signatures increase security
A digital signature offers a high level of security because it is directly linked to the national identity number (nik), and has encryption

This has also been stated by the director of information security. Therefore, of the ministry of communication and informatics aidil. Therefore, chendramata that one of the applications of certificates and digital signatures is to secure document falsification. It even makes service to the community easier. (source: digital signatures for document security )

Well, how? You now know Europe Email and understand better what a digital signature is and its benefits.

It is time for us to turn to digital signatures to keep up with the rapidly changing times and to make all daily activities easier.

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