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Don’t buy email lists Buying email lists contributes to high bounce rates and low engagement and ultimately compromises the integrity of the portion of the subscriber list that did opt-in. The first issue you’ll run into with buying an email list is most reputable email service providers (esps) won’t allow you to send emails to email addresses that have not opt in. They do this to preserve their own sender reputation and business. And. If you do find an esp that’ll allow you to send to this list. The quality won’t be there. Many of the addresses on bought lists are invalid. Inactive. Or recycl. You’ll also likely run into spam traps using bought email lists. Spam traps are creat by blacklist providers who deliberately place fake addresses on bought email lists to identify domains sending spam.

On the off chance your email

On the off chance your email does find its way into a real. Active inbox. Remember you’re intruding on someone’s personal space. Uninvit. Your email will likely be mark as spam by them or their email provider. Want to know how to grow your email list the right way? Enroll in our list growth tactics course! Many esps will enforce a daily rate limit (the number of emails you’re allow to send in a day) to prevent spam country email list from being sent from their platform. Esps aren’t the only ones with a rate limit. Either. Internet service providers (isps) will also limit the number of emails they’ll accept from the same ip address within a set timeframe to prevent spam.

The email will be temporarily undeliverable

When an email sender reaches their rate limit. The email will be temporarily undeliverable — or what email marketers call a “soft bounce.” the server will likely resend a soft-bounc email within 72 hours to see if it’ll go through. But who wants to take their chances with that? This is where “throttling” comes in. Throttling is Europe Email the practice of sending emails in smaller batches over time to avoid hitting rate limits. Getting soft bounces. Or getting mark as spam. For large lists (typically above 250 recipients). Senders should segment their lists. Once lists are segment. Plan ahead to make sure the campaign is sent to each segment by the date ne.

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