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To the average income of those without disabilities, equivalent to R$ 2,619.00. to career advancement in these cases. In the study “People with Disabilities and Employability”, by the consulting firm Noz Intelligence, 60% of people with some type of deprivation said they had never been promoted, even those with higher education (53%) and for more than ten years in the same entity (45 %). “Companies really focused on increasing the diversity among their employees need to advance in actions promoting the offer of experiences and career development to reach leadership. Filling vacancies is no longer the biggest challenge, productive inclusion must go beyond hiring to actually welcome, maintain and expand diversity”, analyzes the CEO of Talento Importar, Katya Hemelrijk.

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ESG in this development path According to an analysis release in 2022 by Dieese (Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies), more than 120,000 people with disabilities were dismis without just cause in Brazil between 2019 and April 2022. of resources and lack of supervision have facilitated the failure of companies to comply with the quota law in recent years. However, the inclusion of these Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List professionals in the workplace is also a responsibility of the private sector. “In this post-pandemic moment, companies can adopt new measures to improve their Diversity and Inclusion actions, going beyond simply meeting the quota indices required by public bodies, advancing their ESG actions as a business strategy”, points out Leizer Pereira , founder and CEO of Empodera.

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In 2019, according to the latest update of the PNS (National Health Survey), only 28.3% of these individuals of working age (14 years or older) were in the occupation force. Among people without some need, the index rises to 66.3%. These numbers, released in October 2020, by the IBGE, reveal how the ranking of this group is still insufficient. According to the consultant, companies need to look at the S of ESG (social) in Europe Email a more practical way. “The acronym has already shown that it is super possible to make a profit, save the planet and contribute to society”, clarifies Pereira. In this sense, promoting actions following this bias brings active listening to the enterprises, with the creation of more creative solutions, generating profit and social well-being. Did you like the text.

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