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Nabila first heard about the danacita installment program directly from pembangunan jaya (upj) who informed her about the collaboration between danacita and pembangunan jaya (upj) when she wanted to carry out the registration process at pembangunan jaya (upj). At that time, nabila asked the pembangunan jaya (upj) campus about affordable tuition payment options.

After getting information from the pembangunan jaya team

nabila finally looked for more information about danacita. Nabila knows that apart from working with pembangunan jaya (upj), danacita Iceland Phone Number List also works with more than 50 higher education and training institutions in indonesia. This, of course, shows danacita’s commitment to be able to expand access to education and training in indonesia.

 Phone Number List

I was looking for more information about danacita and after I saw the website, danacita is meant to make it easier to pay for college. So in my opinion, if there is a solution that makes it easier for me to go to college, why don’t I use it?”

There are several reasons why nabila was finally convinced to apply at danacita, including because the process for applying for the danacita installment program was very easy so that nabila would continue to rely on danacita for financing solutions for her education at pembangunan jaya (upj).


When submitting at danacita, nabila didn’t feel any problems

Because the danacita team was very responsive to answering every question.

Nabila really appreciates the submission. Process up to approval within 3×24 hours so that. Nabila can calmly and comfortably Europe Email achieve her. Goals at pembangunan jaya university (upj) withou.T having to worry about cost constraints.

After completing his undergraduate education. At the jaya development psychology study. Program (upj), nabila had the desire to have a career as a guidance. And counseling teacher (bk). This is due to nabila’s experience of seeing her. Inspirational counseling teacher before continuing. Her education at pembangunan jaya (upj) who was able. To get close to the students and become. A trusted storyteller to help the development of her friends.


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