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However, this action tends to offer several benefits to the human brain, including the absorption of specific knowledge in a relaxed way, combining wisdom and entertainment. With these unique benefits in mind, Nube has selected six interesting works to dedicate time and attention to. Check out! “7 + 1 steps to conquer everything you most dream of”, by Luiz Hota Society currently lives in a world where the search for individuality and to stand out among others is constant. People don’t want to be equal, but they also can’t stand running away from the majority. In the quest to avoid this discomfort, stagnation is a common end, failing to achieve what is desired. However, for entrepreneur Luiz Hota, achieving success is not enough, you have to make a difference among others, becoming a celebrity in your area.

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To conquer everything you dream of”, the author shows his exclusive method, capable of quickly and simply transforming dreams and goals into achievements. “A Love for Life”, by Leila Vieira Kim Established coexistence rules, whether in the family or professional environment, are difficult for many to be fulfilled or even accepted. The immense effort spent on solving unproductive tasks can cause sadness, with guilt Belgium WhatsApp Number List without the minimum conditions to dedicate to certain external issues, causing depression, anxiety and Burnout . Throughout her career in therapy offices, Leila Vieira Kim noticed how many patients complained about the same problem. They showed dissatisfaction with poor affective relationships, where those responsible for them could not set limits for their children and perceived themselves disconnected from them.

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Expand the content to more people, Leila has developed a consistent method. Which serves as a guide for parents in search of proposing a more effective education for their descendants. In “Um Amor para Toda Vida”, she presents simple exercises. Which any reader can practice, aiming to Europe Email build more loving relationships. With assertive communication permeated with respect. “The Secret of Successful Companies”, by Bruno Soares and Gabriel Leite. According to a survey by the Gallup Institute, happy employees are up to 31% more productive and sell 37% more. However, well-being at work is not achieve by a single factor, such as motivation or salary. It’s a set of aspects that need to be manage to create a happier and more profitable environment. Aware of this, the founders of Feedz, Bruno Soares and Gabriel Leite. Share their main practices and lessons learned in the book.

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