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Networks are one of the main pillars for a company to ensure its success today. They are part of digital marketing and inbound marketing actions, being one of the means of attracting new consumers with relevant content. However, engagement on social networks has been falling on some networks. Recently, Mintel conducted a survey on habits and attitudes in the use of social networks. She revealed that one in five Brazilians, which is about said they had deleted at least one account on social networks in the last 12 months. Another point that the survey

Mintel’s survey was conducted with

Internet users, aged years or older, from the Southeast (53%), Northeast (20%), South (13%), Midwest and North . There is a question: why would a person delete their account on social networks? It could be UK Mobile Number List because she got sick or tired of the content that that network provides; or it could also be that the internet user spends so much time on other popular social networks that he doesn’t have time for it and doesn’t use it; or he may also be wanting to disconnect a little from this online world . The percentage among who delete a profile on social networks was decreasing engagement on social networks.


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When asked about how much these

people use social networks on a daily basis, the following data were collecte: mentioned accessing .WhatsApp several times a day; Facebook and 50% YouTube. With regard to Millennials, in another Europe Email interview. It was found that 23% of them are trying to spen. More time disconnecte from the digital world , that is, using their cell phones and social networks less. Do you know the services of a digital marketing agency? Visit our blog to understand how to improve your digital presence. What Internet users search for most on the networks Even with all this auê of fake news. people still look for information and news on social networks

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