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Upscale connects talent with a wider range of start-ups, enterprises, ngos, social enterprises and tech companies at the end of every batch for free. Thus, upscale is ready to help you get wider job opportunities.

4. Equipped with relevant technology and experienced teachers
Upscale graduates are well-guided by industry-leading faculty, and equipped with the latest trends in the job market.

Check the status of the application in your danacita account.
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Are you interested in taking a course at upscale? Come on, make your course more affordable with danacita.

Upscale and danacita have officially collaborated to provide financing solutions

For those of you who want to take courses in technology. Apart from being the official financing partner at upscale, danacita also collaborates with more than 50 other educational and training institutions in indonesia.

So, you don’t need to worry about submitting at danacita because danacita is licensed and supervised by the ojk and is iso 27001 certified for the security of your submission data.

The following is a collaboration program between danacita and upscale that you can choose from:

Danacita’s study now, pay later Norway Phone Number List simulation for upscale students
Snpl 12 ( 4 months grace period + 8 months normal payment)

Program program fees installment during grace period (4 months) installments after grace period (8 months.

 Phone Number List

Program program fees installment during grace period (4 months) installments after grace period (14 months)
Engineer bootcamp program idr 20,800,000 idr 312,000 idr 1,482,286
Study first, without the headache of paying installments in the first 4 months

The fees stated in the simulation include all danacita platforms

Why should I apply for course fees at upscale with danacita?
Improving skills in the field of technology in today’s digital era is inevitable. Moreover, along with the times and technology that is increasingly sophisticated from time to time.

To improve your skills in technology, you can take courses through technology education institutions such as upscale. But sometimes economic reasons are the reason why many people do not get the opportunity to develop skills Europe Email through available course institutions.

Well, now you don’t have to worry about money anymore. Because with danacita, you can take courses to develop your skills without having to be hindered by financing problems.

The following are reasons why you should apply for tuition fees at upscale with danacita:Prepare the necessary documents such as, proof of billing from upscale & salary slips / transfers of guardian accounts for the last 1 month.
Make sure the mobile number registered (student & guardian) can be contacted by the danacita verification team.


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