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In addition to touching on the topic of writing to sell, this copywriting book is full of very valuable tips, ideas, and practices for those of us who make a living creating content. In its 74 chapters, author Ann Handley talks in a very entertaining and relatable way about empathy towards clients. About the importance of generating content that offers a solution to problems and satisfying the needs that these clients have. A very important point for me is that it makes you really understand what it is like to write in a natural and close tone, achieving a conversation. 

27 persuasion techniques (Chris St. Hilaire and Lynette Padwa)

Therefore, In the world of business, sales and copywriting, persuasion is talked about as the power to convince an audience. However, sometimes persuasion is confused with manipulation. And that’s what this book is about. The author investigates the behavior of buyers. Therefore, what convinces them when job function email list o making a purchase or what generates trust in people. In these pages he focuses on explaining the differences between persuading and manipulating. He tells of the need to understand the audience and the messages created according to their thoughts. 

job function email list

Ideas that stick (Chip Heath & Dan Heath)

 This copywriting book focuses on answering. Therefore, a powerful and interesting question: Why do some ideas stick in our minds but others are forgotten and die. Chip and Dan show great lessons on how to communicate ideas to stand out and impact people’s lives. Through six keys and illustrated examples from Europe Email various sectors (business, advertising, education, social movements, etc.). Therefore, this book explains what you need to make your messages successful. The main objective of the ideas being to make them contagious and memorable. Therefore, one of the copywriting books where you are guaranteed entertainment.

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