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Individual performance in any instance. He is the one who gives balance at the time of studies, work or other more demanding activities. A brilliant mind will not function at full steam if it is stuck only in the craft. Therefore, these moments are destined to the ludic. However, this light word does not necessarily need to be intended for something futile or unimportant. Fantasy can also add repertoire and knowledge. For this, visiting exhibitions may be the right thing to do. For this week, Nube has a diverse catalog ready to awaken a poetic vein in you. Want to embark on this journey? See recommendations below! BB King: a better world somewhere – Museum of Image and Sound (São Paulo – SP) The king of the blues , Riley Ben King, or as he became popularly known.

A Better World Somewhere

Must Be a Better World Somewhere released in 1981. The collection features, for the first time in Brazil, a series of items related not only to the work, but also to the singer’s life. From the ceiling to the walls, you can find photographs from different eras of his career and even the iconic Gibson Lucille guitar – in its classic black with details in white and golden. Also an invitation to reflect on racial segregation and inclusion, the exhibition Belarus WhatsApp Number List promises an intense sensorial experience for those who visit it. That’s because music is the common thread responsible for sewing and connecting this profound patchwork quilt: the life of BB King. The exhibition takes place until the 8th of October at MIS, located at Avenida Europa, 158, Jardim Europa.

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The illustrious building a hallmark

The exhibition, available until the 24th of September, is open from Monday to Monday, from 9 am to 8 pm. Entry costs R$ 35.00 for the full ticket, or R$ 17.50 for the half. Interested? So just enter theofficial portaland see more details. Marta Minujín: live – Pinacoteca (São Paulo – SP) Recognized Europe Email for her colors, shapes and extravagant features, the Argentine conceptual and performance artist, Marta Minujín arrives in Brazil to give even more liveliness to the Pinacoteca de São Paulo. Located in the central building of the historic museum in São Paulo, Pina Luz, the exhibition is a stage for valuing the Latin American scene. The fair seeks to impress from the front door, with a 17-meter inflatable sculpture – full of contrasts. On Saturdays, admission is free and open from.

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