Experience applying for Danacita financing

In a pandemic like today, the cost of education is one. Of the factors that is an obstacle to continuing higher. Education. Even though he was already working, the cost. Of education was one of the obstacles for irvan to. Be able to continue his education in the pln it employee class.

Because the education funds were not sufficient to make tuition. Payments when he wanted to continue his higher education. At it pln, irvan was finally informed by the it pln admissions team about. The danacita bailout program. Furthermore, irvan was looking for. Information about this danacita bailout program and how. The danacita bailout program can be be. A solution to the cost of education in it pln.

Irvan contacted the danacita team and explained that danacita

Official partner of it pln which provides affordable tuition financing solutions at it pln through a bailout program. Danacita is a financial technology company whose mission is to expand access to education in indonesia through affordable financing solutions.

Apart from that, irvan also knows Paraguay Phone Number List that danacita already has a permit and is supervised by the financial services authority (ojk). Through the danacita bailout program, irvan can continue his tertiary education in the pln it employee class without having to worry about educational cost constraints because now irvan can pay tuition fees at it pln on a monthly basis.

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Experience applying for danacita financing
“I recommend danacita because the process is easy, you can pay for college monthly and you are already working with it pln”

While applying for a bailout loan irvan did not have any problems

This is because the submission process and document requirements at danacita are very easy and are done 100% online. In addition, the information available on the danacita website is also very helpful in providing an understanding of the Europe Email products offered by danacita.

Irvan appreciated the danacita team, because the submission process until it was approved was done quickly within 3 days. This provides comfort and calm for irvan so he can focus on studying at it pln without having to think about costs. Moreover, during the payment process back to danacita, irvan will be informed 5 days before the due date so that irvan can prepare his funds in advance. According to irvan, this is an advantage of danacita.

With the danacita bailout, this really helped irvan in continuing his studies at it pln. In fact, he also suggested to his friends about danacita, because of its convenience and it made it easier to finance his studies.


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