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What does it give us? Lower costs of acquiring a valuable customer. So what about the credibility of the recommendation. The NPS survey has become a permanent feature in our country as the main survey measuring satisfaction. It has its supporters and opponents. On the one hand, the advantage of NPS over traditional loyalty research is. Among others An easier form of testing Traditional surveys tend to be long and have convoluted questions. Traditional surveys are carried out by a person the client often knows. Which makes it more difficult for us to express an actual opinion.

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Unfortunately, however, the NPS itself also has its opponents. In Poland, it is assumed that the most popular scale of ratings is – , and the scale proposed by Reicheld ranges from to . This database often misleads the surveyed client who sincerely believes that a rating of is a positive rating. Reading many results from the conducted NPS surveys, we also noticed that the results depend on the weather, region or level of earnings. At BUZZcenter, we believe that NPS research has its advantages. It’s short, simple, and you can usually expect a high rate of return on surveys.


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It is also verifying the context during the conducted research. Due to the rejection of the usually large group of respondents, which are people with a neutral result, it is also worth taking care of a large sample of the study. And above all, it is always worth asking additional questions when conducting a survey, for example in the. We encourage you to conduct customer research, which largely helps to understand how the customer thinks and whether Europe Email he tells us the whole truth about the opinion about our brand, product or service. Social Selling, or what is all the fuss.

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