Financial Lessons to Be Taken From Hometown

Not only romantic, it turns out that hometown cha-cha-cha also has financial lessons that we can take, not only for students and students, but also those of you who are already working or have just graduated from college.

Remember, self-love does not mean wasteful
Like hye jin who often purchases luxury goods from her income. It can be interpreted as an act of self-love and self-reward.

As stated, the financial planner , prita hapsari ghozie , ensures that the playing account is allocated a maximum of 20% of income.

Keep in mind, don’t let you be like the saying

Bigger pegs than poles. Self-rewards are great! But don’t let yourself be wasteful .

Can be cashless , don’t get cashless
When hye jin went to gongjin and the banking system was totally shut down, it was really hard for her to do her order  Mexico Phone Number List transactions because she wasn’t used to carrying cash. The lesson for us, a cashless system does not mean cash-less or not carrying cash. When traveling or in everyday life, make sure to bring enough cash for emergency transaction reserves.

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Have a passive source of income to prepare for retirement and emergencies
Yeo hwa owns a seafood restaurant as an active income and also rents properties for passive income. This is a reminder for us to build active assets in productive times to prepare for retirement .

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When we have money sometimes we often get out of control.

Though budgeting needs to be considered. Seperate an emergency fund, try to save and invest, and the rest is for daily living expenses. The ability to control oneself to spend according to financial capabilities is the key to good financial management.

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Don’t be hasty in making financial decisions
The most important financial Europe Email lesson from drakor hometown cha-cha-cha is the importance of avoiding making rash decisions, especially money matters. Calculate your daily budget , have an emergency fund of at least 3x monthly routine expenses. Do not underestimate health protection such as insurance and bpjs.


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