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You’ve probably heard the saying ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’. So, while chatting casually with the danacita team, winda, who is now entering semester 4, told about her experience when she experienced problems paying tuition fees during semester 2.

The pandemic conditions that have occurred since 2020 have had an impact on our daily lives, starting from how we interact to the state of the economy. This pandemic condition also has an impact on winda being able to pay tuition fees at untar.

However, winda, who had a very high will to continue her education at the untar psychology study program, did not use this as an excuse. Winda finally decided to find a more affordable solution for financing tuition fees at untar.

Well, it was winda’s decision to find a solution for financing tuition fees that first brought her together with danacita.

At first he hesitated to make an application to danacita

But then winda received information from untar’s finance Chile Phone Number List department about a meeting between danacita and untar and the socialization of danacita’s installment program.

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“Danacita explained in great detail about the danacita and untar collaboration program, so I have even more confidence in danacita”

It was through this meeting that winda finally became more confident about submitting the application to danacita. This is because danacita and untar have officially collaborated to provide more affordable educational financing solutions for prospective students and active students at untar through the danacita installment program.


Without having to worry about financial constraints

Danacita itself is a financial technology company whose mission is to expand access to education in indonesia by providing more affordable education financing solutions.

When submitting the Europe Email application to danacita, winda learned more about danacita’s advantages as a trusted financing solution at untar. There are 3 things that winda really appreciates and made winda even more confident about danacita during the submission process. First, danacita can be accessed anytime and anywhere and all processes at danacita are carried out 100% online without face-to-face meetings. Second, danacita doesn’t require a dp for its application, so winda doesn’tneed to worry about having to prepare funds to pay the dp submission to danacita.  This will certainly provide peace and comfort for winda to be able to continue her education without having to worry about financial problems.


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