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Today, Google Ads is one of the measurable and most profitable forms of investment for your virtual store. That is why it is so important to know this Digital Marketing tool and know how to use it correctly. It is very likely that you know the size of Google and you know that with this search engine we can find practically everything with just a few searches. Get More The Google Ads Display Network reaches millions of associated websites, blogs and portals and contains the best network of websites in Latin America and the world.

How to Get More Use the Display Network

If you don’t yet have Google Ads job function email list Pixel installed on your website. Read this article with what you need to know about Google Tag Manager and start installing Pixel. After installing Pixel and having done all the basic settings for your Ads account, go to the dashboard and click on the “New campaign” option. You will now see the “Search and Display Network” options. Select the last option and edit your ad. It is important, when creating a graphic ad, to do it in different dimensions, since the sites make available different sizes of space for the ads.

Job Function Email List

Types of Segmentation in Google Ads for E Commerce

To better understand the Google Europe Email Display Network and how. To use it to boost your e-commerce sales, it is important to know the types of segmentation . There are, in total, six types and we are going to explain them one by one, below. As we mentioned previously, on the Display Network it is possible to advertise according to the context of the website , and that is the first possibility of segmentation: contextual. Here, Google Ads automatically selects websites related to your keywords .

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