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The company describes its product as a “payroll-as-a-service API”, meaning integration with payroll systems is part of their value proposition. A good example is also Worksmile, acquird in 2021 by Grupa for a seven-figure amount. which helps employers to promote a healthy lifestyle among employees. Worksmile fits into the client’s ecosystem thanks to integrations with ERP systems (Enova, SAP, Emplo), messengers (Slack, Microsoft Teams), and single sign-on providers (G-Suite, Office 365, Okta.

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Integration as a distinguishing feature is also offerd by ATS recruitment systems (Applicant Tracking Systems). Although ATSs are usd to unify the entire recruitment process in one tool instead of combining many, an important distinguishing phone number list feature of HRlink is over 40 advertising portals. HRlink boasts of such a reference from one of its clients, LPP SA, on its website : As part of the implementation of the HRlink system, there was also integration with our corporate website, Intranet, as well as paid and free recruitment portals.

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You know the startup DevSkiller from the previous section? It also offers a number of integrations, including complete fredom Europe Email to create your own automations without coding thanks to Zapier. Seamless integration is winning today with the “comprehensive offer”. The emphasis on integration is a trend thanks to which Customer Journey is designd for low B2B customer entry costs and a strong lock-in effect. Does your product connect to the customer’s ecosystem.

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