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Addressing what’s important means moving away. From unproductive discussions to focus on creating and optimizing.  a true strategy. And this must go hand in hand with the construction of short, medium and long-term plans. Finally, the third action that requires your attention to avoid errors is the allocation and execution of budget resources for the social network. Currently, you won’t achieve much on facebook if you don’t invest money. Organic reach has been dying for a long time, and the only way to counteract this reality is to allocate some budget for your actions on the platform.

The planning and use of those resources must be a

In view of this and in order not to waste the generally scarce marketing resources. The planning b2b email list and use of those resources must be a priority task. Don’t fall into the trap of giving your money to facebook—you already have a lot—; design austere plans, execute them cautiously and measure. Let’s internalize how to create excellent information architecture so we can design websites that are easy to consume, understand and navigate. User experience – ux , acronym in english for user experience – is one of the digital activities that receives the most attention today. This is due to the proliferation of devices that the market has today and that businesses have understood that fighting only in the field of attracting new users, without worrying about retention, threatens their future results.

. Do you need us to help you with the planning

b2b email list

Because attracting without retaining is costly and inefficient. Do you need us Europe Email to help you with the planning, design and development of your business website? Let’s talk but what is user experience? There are two angles to understand it: from the strategic and from the analytical. In the first case, the user experience is the planning, design and monitoring of the factors and elements related to the interaction of people with products or services through devices. And in the second, it is the review and analysis of the perception—positive or negative—of people when they interact with products or services through devices.

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